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     工匠精神:务实、创新、艺术、精益求精,但工匠不同于艺术家那种孤独性探求,他贴近生活,必须回应需求,讲究卓有成效。因此,我们每一个项目在设计前都进行行业的背景调研,设计中有空间设计师与VI设计师思想碰撞、施工前要经过结构工程师的苛刻审核 ,我们各个岗位都有顶尖的人才坐阵,因为鲁班力争做到一个项目一件精品。


     我们珍惜来之不易的合作机会, 鲁班期待与您执手前行共同发展。


·        SHENZHENLEBANExhibition CO.,LTD is focus on exhibition engineering, integrated with design and construction. The exhibition industry is lacking of innovative spirit,  but Luban’s work is unique. What makes us different ? Its the guidance of craftsman spirit.

·        The spirit of craftsman including practical, innovation, art and strives for perfection. But different from the artists which is solitary pursuit, the craftsman is close to life, respond to demand and pay attention to effective.  So we do industry background research for every project before design, and idea collision between space designer and VI designer in designing, critical reviews by the structure engineer before construction. We have super talent for each post. BecauseLEBANpursuit to make every project to be a boutique.

·        Exhibition is an international platform. After years of development,LEBAN becomes a indispensable force in this industry. LEBAN will keep strive for perfection and the spirit of craftsman . We believe that the power of hope is infinity. Impact by persistence, together with industry elite, will becoming a new force that makes metamorphosis for Chinese exhibition design and make effort to win the world as made in China.

·        We cherish the hard-earned cooperation opportunities. We look forward to working and developing with you together.

Our main clients including China Unicom, Simmons, Group Leading Network, Zhongtai Auto, Sander Group, The Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Construction Bank and so on.